About Section

Who is Section?

Section is an entrepreneurial cyber security company that performs special reconnaissance and targeted cyber attacks in an effort to help our clients identify vulnerabilities and structural weaknesses within their organisation. Our services are centred around Social Engineering, which is the art of convincing a company's first line of defence - the employees - to perform actions that can leverage the company's cyber security.

When performing targeted cyber attacks, Section applies a black box testing approach, which involves conducting the attack from the outside of the client environment and with no prior knowledge required of the target(s), thereby simulating a real-world attack scenario. Additionally, Section is able to transcend the boundaries of attacks performed in cyberspace, by offering targeted attacks in real space, thereby expanding the attack surface to include any information asset in the client’s organisation.

By applying our digital combat experience - and operating between method and madness - Section is able to provide solutions that go beyond conventional penetration testing, in an effort to effectively build and maintain our clients’ resilience against sophisticated cyber attacks.

We aim to provide our clients with the greatest value by delivering on one core principle above all: Trust. Security is, and will always be, a question of trust between a client and its suppliers. For this reason, every contract we take on will be performed and delivered with the highest regard to confidentiality.

What services does Section offer?

You can read more about our cyber security services here.

Where does Section operate?

Section's cyber security services are performed in both cyberspace and realspace. Real world scenarios include gaining unauthorized access to office buildings, while operations in cyberspace relate to more conventional cyber security services.

Our primary client base is located in Denmark, where Section resides, though we provide our services to clients from other European countries and beyond as well.

Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission

Hack the Gibson!

Our Vision

A zero-trust world, where companies like Section are no longer needed.


Section is an active member and supporter of several cyber, defence and security networks, clusters, hubs and labels.

CenSec - Center for Defence, Space & Security
ECSO - Cybersecurity Made in Europe

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