Consultancy Services

Section provides a wide range of cyber security consulting services to companies of all sizes. We provide leadership, technical understanding and assessments, intelligence and solutions that simplifies the decision-making process and implementation of information security initiatives. We achieve this by helping our clients identify critical knowledge assets, conduct risk assessments and establish effective and appropriate protocols and incident mitigation and remediation.

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Cyber Security Consultant

Impartial Consultancy

The key aspect of Section's consultancy services is as an impartial, unbiased cyber security partner that provides honest and actionable analyses and advice on most aspects of cyber security. When we are unable to deliver on the required expertise, we assist our clients in identifying a reliable partner to solve their specific challenges, based on their requirements.

Discretion, Trust & Honesty

The raison d'être of Section is to provide services to our clients with the utmost discretion. Our foundation is built on trust between our clients and us, and we go to great lengths to provide and maintain that trust, so our clients can feel comfortable with sharing their challenges. This is reciprocated by Section, as clients can always expect a straight-forward and honest answer.

Cyber Support for SME's and Large Enterprises

For SME's, Section can act as a consulting partner on all aspects of cyber security, providing services that aim to provide SME's with the necessary knowledge and tools to solve their cyber security challenges, including taking on the role of virtual CISO. For large enterprises, Section provides consulting services as a subject matter expert that supports the decision-making process of the C-suite.

Cyber Consultancy Services

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