Darknet Intelligence (DARKINT)

Darknet is the hidden part of the internet, which requires specific software or network configurations to access. Section has many years of experience in investigating, infiltrating and collecting data from Darknet sources, and we utilize our experience to provide our clients with insight into information that may be relevant for their operational- and information security. This may be both long- and short term investigations into threat actors, leaked information or vulnerabilities pertaining to a client's business.

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Darknet Intelligence

Is Your Data Being Traded on Darknet?

Do you want to know if your company's data is being sold on Darknet, or are you suspicious that it may be? Section can provide full assistance in uncovering whether or not your data is being traded on darknet platforms and provide full assistance in obtaining the information from the rogue elements in cyberspace. We may not be able to identify the threat actors, but we will make sure you obtain your company's valuable data and assists you with guidance in the process.

Darknet Intelligence

What is Darknet?

Most will likely have heard about darknet - the place where one goes to purchase drugs, guns, fake IDs, and more. It has been the subject of many news stories over the years - and for good reason. While darknet is essentially a sub-net of the internet (also referred to as clearnet), it does differ in substantial ways that makes it difficult to investigate in the same manner that the open internet can be investigated. Luckily, Section has complete access to real-time structured data of more than 1 billion pages on darknet, allowing us to instantly investigate leaked data, emails, passwords, credit card information, passports, company-sensitive data, threat actors, and much, much more.

For a visual representation of how darknet is structured, we refer to the dotted map below, which illustrates the chaotic nature of darknet. Click on the map and get a visual understanding of how Section structures data in an effort to provide our clients near real-time access to information deriving from the hidden services of darknet.

Do I Need a Darknet Investigation?

If you have never attempted to uncover information from darknet, then it might be a good idea to consider it. Typically, Section only performs this service to larger clients, but smaller security-minded companies often find it beneficial as well. Here are some indicators of why you would want a darknet investigation performed:

  • You are a public or semi-public individual and are concerned with what type of information may be available or sold about you on darknet.
  • You are a large or international company concerned about what type of information is available or traded on darknet, which may hurt the company's image and reputation.
  • You are concerned that information is being traded that may leave your company vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • You are concerned about insider attacks in your company, and want to monitor if company confidential information is being leaked or sold.
  • Threat actors are attempting to blackmail you, and you need to understand the threat actor better.
  • Your company is engaged in activities in hostile territory, and you want to assess the risks associated with a current mission.

Our darknet intelligence services are offered as one-time reports that provide a snapshot of information collected from darknet sources, or as a monitoring service, where we on a continuous basis collect, analyse and report on information gathered from darknet.

We offer fully mananged darknet solutions and can run the entire darknet operation for your company or integrate our darknet intelligence services with your existing security operations center (SOC).
See also our open source intelligence (OSINT) services.

Darknet Intelligence Services

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