Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open source intelligence (OSINT) is a discipline of collecting and analyzing data from publicly available sources. Section provides OSINT services to clients who want to uncover their digital shadow in cyberspace and understand the type of information that can be collected about them as well as how that information can be used against them. With many years of experience in collecting and structuring information in cyberspace, Section can assist clients in identifying critical information and assist in the takedown process. We can collect data from both clearnet and darknet, which provides unparalleled insight into the digital shadow of your company, the management or a competitor.

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Open Source Intelligence

How Does It Work?

See our process for working with open source intelligence (OSINT) and get an understanding of how it can benefit your company.

Open Source Intelligence
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    Prior to collecting information from open sources, Section undergoes a planning phase with the client, where we together with the client define the requirements. The planning phase includes defining objective, setting scope of the assignment, expectations and rules of engagement (RoE).

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    The collection phase is where the information is gathered. Depending on the scope of the assignment, information can be collected from both clearnet (the open internet) and darknet (the hidden internet). We utilize a highly methodical approach to collecting information, which includes both automated quantitative collection and qualitative collection and assessments.

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    Once the available information has been collected, we begin the processing phase where we filter out the noise. We always collect as much information as we possibly can - within the scope of the assignment - prior to conducting a qualitative assessment of the data to discern, which information are relevant for the defined objective.

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    Once we have filtered the data, we initiate the analysis phase, where we evaluate the aggregated picture the collected data informs. The analysis phase might raise more questions that needs clarification or subjects to investigate, so this may result in one or more iterations of phase 2, 3 and 4 (collection, processing and analysis, respectively).

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    Once the analysis phase has concluded, the collected data, the results of the analysis, and the inherent conclusions are presented to the client. This is the final product that informs the client on the company's digital shadow, and during the final meeting, we discuss how the objective of the assignment can be achieved, based on the results of the OSINT report.

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    It may occur that information has been identified, which leaves the client vulnerable or have impact on their reputation. In these cases, Section will assist in the takedown process to have any and all identified information removed that may pose a challenge to the client. Contact us for more information on this.

Do I Need to Uncover My Digital Shadow?

There are various reasons for wanting to uncover publicly available information about yourself, your company or a competitor, which may include:

  • A desire to get insight into what information is available about you as a private or professional individual.
  • Information about your company, which may or may not be in your interest to have publicly available.
  • A desire to have unwanted publicly available information in cyberspace removed, which can be a lengthy process without the proper assistance.
  • Insight into a company and its management in relation to an acquisition process.
  • Insight into a competitor for business intelligence to guide your own position in the market or strategic decision-making processes.
  • Insight into whether or not publicly available information about you or your company pose a direct or indirect threat to your information security.

Our OSINT services are offered as one-time reports that provide a snapshot of publicly available information in cyberspace, or as an active monitoring service, where we on a continuous basis collect, analyse and report on publicly available information. Additionally, we offer an automatic takedown process for a certain segment of our client base.
See also our darknet intelligence services.

OSINT Services

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