Wi-Fi Penetration Testing

Wireless communication is an inherent service of most businesses that allow easy access and flow of information. The wireless infrastructure allows mobile clients to easily be connected, but improper implementation may leave your business vulnerable to outside exploitation from malicious hackers. Section can provide effective wireless penetration testing that will uncover vulnerabilities in your company's wireless network and provide the necessary steps to mitigate the threat.

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Wi-Fi Penetration Testing

How Does It Work?

See how we perform wireless penetration testing to assess the vulnerability level of your organisation's wireless network.

Wi-Fi Security Test
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    Before performing a wireless penetration test, we engage with our clients to understand their requirements and perform an initial assessment to define the scope of the test.

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    We identify and list wireless network access points at the target location(s).

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    Vulnerability discovery and analysis

    We conduct an assessment of the wireless access points to see if there are any potential vulnerabilities, which contributes to an accurate threat and risk assessment.

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    If desired, we exploit the wireless vulnerabilities to gain access to the network and sniff traffic for post-analysis.

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    the results are analysed and reported back to the client in full with identification of vulnerabilities and associated risks.

Do I Need a Wireless Penetration Test?

If you are responsible for your company's network, you should consider when you last had an independent wireless penetration test performed, and ask yourself:

  • Have you identified all of your access points, or do you have shadow infrastructure that you are unaware of?
  • How many of your access points are poorly secured?
  • Is the data on your wireless network encrypted?
  • Have any of your access points been misconfigured?
  • Has the appropriate security been implemented to prevent exploitation of your wireless network?
  • Are your wireless protocols updated to the latest industry standard?
  • Are the wireless network passwords too weak to withstand common password attacks?

If you are uncertain of any of the above, then it is probably time to have your company's wireless security tested for vulnerabilities, and we are happy to assist with the process. Contact us for more information about how we conduct wireless penetration testing.

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